DENSO Hybrid Blades offer retrofit upgrades

14 February 2017 | Article

DENSO Aftermarket has a selection of retrofit Hybrid Wiper Blades featuring 9x3 and 9x4 connectors. This range offers end-users the ability to upgrade from standard blades to DENSO’s unique, high performance Hybrid Blade technology.

Combining superior wiping performance with modern, integrated styling, DENSO’s replacement Hybrid Wiper Blades were first launched to the aftermarket in 2005. Since the introduction of the range, Hybrid Blades have come with a 9x3 connector, allowing workshops to retrofit the most commonly used wiper arm size.

Since 2014, workshops have been able to retrofit upgrade customers with a 9x4 wiper arm size, the second most commonly found. DENSO’s comprehensive Hybrid Wiper Blade range now includes 21 part numbers in total. The entire range fits a 9x3 wiper arm, and 15 also include a 9x4 connector in the packaging.

An overview of DENSO’s current range of Hybrid Blades can be found in the table below, which also explains which part numbers come with a 9x4 adapter, and which only have a 9x3 adapter.

Wiper Arms

Hybrid Wiper Blade Connectors Table (1)

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