How to install DENSO A/C Components

Precautions for removal and installation

  1. To reclaim refrigerant from the A/C unit, use certified recovery equipment
  2. When handling refrigerant, follow governmental regulations
  3. To remove the Compressor, refer to the appropriate vehicle repair manual
  4. In order to keep moisture out of the system, cap the open fittings immediately when disconnecting hoses
  5. Always replace the Receiver Dryer

Compressor oil inspection procedure

Before installing the new Compressor, check the amount of Compressor oil necessary for the system. Follow the procedure described below:

A - B = Oil amount to remove from new Compressor
A (new Compressor)
B (remaining in old Compressor)
Oil amount to remove from new Compressor
= 120 cc (4.22 fl oz)
= 50 cc (1.76 fl oz)
= 70 cc (2.46 fl oz)

Compressor oil identity chart

Compressor TypeRefrigerant Type Hfc134aOil Type
10PA, 7SB, 6SE, SC, 6CA seriesHFC134a (R-134a)DENSO-oil 8 Or equivalent
CFC12 (R-12)DENSO-oil 6 Or equivalent
TV seriesHFC134a (r-134a)DENSO-oil 9 Or equivalent

Compressor run-in procedure

After replacing the DENSO Compressor, always follow the run-in procedure to avoid possible compressor damage.

Time2-4 minutes
Engine RPMIdle

Retrofit replacement of compressor oil

You can use the following oil replacement calculation when converting (retrofitting) a CFC12 system to HFC134a.

All 10P type DENSO Compressors use ND-oil 8 for HFC134a. All TV type compressors use ND-oil 9 for HFC134a. The amount of oil to be replaced can be calculated as follows: Specified oil amount for CFC12 x 1.2 = specified retrofit amount for HFC134a.

When replacing a compressor it is necessary to follow the DENSO procedure for oil replacement. Always make sure you use the specified oil of the DENSO Compressor. DENSO offers different grades of Compressor oil with two size options:

ND-oil 8

ND-oil 8 is used in the following DENSO Compressor types: 5SL, 6SE12, 6SEU12, 6CA17, 7SBU16, 7SEU16, 10P15, 10PA15, 10P17, 10S17, 10PA17, 10PA20, SCS06-5SL, SCSB06, SCS8, SC08

ND-oil 9

ND-oil 9 is used in the following DENSO Compressor types: TV12SC, TV14EC