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DENSO Aftermarket expands its social media presence

Reflecting the global reach of social media (SM) and the importance of this form of mass-communication, DENSO has broadened its presence to address a Pan European audience
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DENSO shows its thermal management expertise

DENSO opens the doors on its motorsport programme with Toyota Gazoo Racing, as it reveals the challenges associated with efficient thermal management in the high-pressure environment of the World Rally Championship

DENSO Aftermarket teams up with Veterans in Action

As an example of the company’s outward looking nature, DENSO Aftermarket has begun to support the charity Veterans in Action, which is dedicated to the needs of former members of the armed forces and others suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with workshop equipment and clothing, alongside its distribution partner, Terrafirma 4x4.
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DENSO celebrates the first year of its ‘One EU Aftermarket’ concept

In April 2021, DENSO Europe’s Aftermarket division restructured its European operations and introduced the ‘One EU Aftermarket’ model, to consolidate the company’s central, western, eastern and southern regions into a single operation, in order to optimise the relationships it has with its valued customers.
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DENSO opens the League of True Mechanics 2022

New modules covering two engine related products and another two about thermal related products, provide the content for DENSO’s 2022 League of True Mechanics (LOTM) competition, which opens throughout Europe on 1th April.
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