The DENSO Difference

The compressor is at the heart of every car’s climate control system, and vital to its proper operation. Driven by the engine via a belt and clutch or pulley, it compresses the low temperature, low pressure gaseous refrigerant from the evaporator, into a high temperature, high pressure gaseous refrigerant, which is then discharged to the condenser.

  • Holding a 40% share of the global market for original equipment A/C Compressors, DENSO is the world leader in this market, selected by top vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota and VW 
  • DENSO’s extensive aftermarket A/C Compressors programme includes: Reciprocal type (piston) 10PA, 10S, 7SBU and SE; Rotary type (vane and scroll) TV, SV and SC; and Electrical type (hybrid vehicles) ES Compressors
  • All DENSO A/C Compressors are new (no reman parts), filled with the right type of oil and delivered as complete assemblies > No core charge or deposit
  • The range now includes eight electric compressor part references covering Toyota and Lexus Hybrid vehicles
  • An inbuilt motor allows the DENSO Electric Compressor to operate independently, providing consistent levels of air conditioning even when the vehicle is stationery, making the cabin air more comfortable.
  • Unique, pan-European A/C Compressor Repair Network - the first network of its kind to make OEM quality A/C Compressor repair cheaper than replacement
  • Compressor range is 100% OE
  • Highest product quality, extremely low warranty ratio
  • 100% fit: Perfect match to vehicle specification


The DENSO A/C Compressor range exist of 2 groups, reciprocal type and rotary type compressor.

Reciprocating type (or piston type) 
  • Dual Swash Plate
  • Single Swash Plate
  • Wobble Plate
Compressor identification codes are:
  • Dual Swash Plate, fixed displacement type: 10PA and 10S
  • Single Swash Plate, variable displacement type: 5SE, 5TS, 5SL, 6SBU, 6SE, 7SB and 7SE
  • Wobble Plate, variable displacement type: 6CA
Rotary types
  • Sliding and Through vane are fixed displacement type.
Compressor identification codes are: SV and TV.
  • Scroll type compressor are fixed or variable type compressor

Compressor identification codes are:
Scroll, fixed displacement type: SC
Electrical Scroll, variable type for hybrid vehicles: ES