Reciprocating Types

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A/C Compressors for superb, durable design and efficiency to keep you as cool as you like.

10 PA Compressors:
A 10 cylinder, double side operating Swash Plate type compressor with fixed displacement, well known for its durability and lack of noise and pulsation

10S Compressors:
The 10S compressor is an improved version of the 10PA type, main differences are size and weight reduction.Service valve is no longer used; Hoses connect directly to the compressor body

6 CA Compressors:
A single side operating Wobble plate type Compressor
6 Pistons and variable displacement

7 SBU Compressors:
Single side operating Swash Plate type compressor
7 pistons, variable displacement between 3 or 7 and 100%
The variable displacement is external (electronic) or internal (mechanical) controlled

SE / SL Compressors:
Single side operating Swash Plate compressor
5, 6 or 7 pistons, depending on model
External (electronic) controlled variable displacement between 2% and 100%
The SE type compressor has no magnetic clutch and is continuously driven

Scroll (SC) Compressors:
A rotating type compressor well known for its low noise and high performance
Compressor chamber consists of a pair of spiral-shaped scrolls; one fixed and one rotating