Technical Bulletin: Consolidation of Compressor part numbers

Consolidation of Compressor part numbers

1. Outline
This bulletin is to inform you about the consolidation of DENSO Compressor part numbers.

2. Applicable product
Part of the DENSO Aftermarket Compressor range.

3. Background
To enhance the aftermarket compressor range, DENSO has consolidated numerous
aftermarket compressor part numbers. In the below overview you can see which part numbers
have replaced the previous part numbers or are deleted from the range. Because of this
consolidation, the stated compressors have one fixed amount of oil, which needs adjustment
for some vehicle applications. This means that it is necessary to check and adjust the oil
quantity before installing the compressor in the vehicle. The right amount of oil is very
important for the durability of the compressor and the efficiency of the AC system.

 1_Consolidation Table


Check the compressor installation guide to adjust the oil amount according to the car
manufacturer data! You will find the compressor installation guide in the box with the new
compressor, in TecDoc and on our aftermarket website.

 4. Service Parts

To improve the serviceability of the compressor, we offer the packing for the oil plug and ND-oil 8 as
a service part. The packings are packed per 10 pieces and the oil is supplied in 250cc cans. Availability of the ND-oil 8 as of March 2016.

 2 Consolidation Service Parts

5. Compressor Installation Guide
The compressor installation guide is available on our website in 17 languages 

pdf download of the bulletin