Features and Benefits

  • 100% OE quality: matches original equipment specification
  • Pioneering design and technology delivers an ultra-efficient performance: a DENSO Radiator with a 0.2 sq.m front surface, for example, features more than 6 sq.m of cooling surface on its fins
  • Co-developed with air conditioning experts: able to cope with extreme environmental conditions
  • Braze welding: ‘closer’ contact between tube and fin for more efficient heat transmission
  • Mechanical deformation: the tube is ‘pressed’ against the fin, offering slightly less contact but lower production cost
  • Advanced metals: high level of conductivity and low weight enable even thin surfaces to be machined
  • Rigorous testing: guarantees long-lasting, efficient performance
Cooling Fans 
  • 100% OE quality: specified to original equipment standards
  • Co-developed with air conditioning experts: ability to cope with extreme environmental conditions
  • Developed for specific car and engine: guarantees a perfect match and fit
  • Rigorous testing: ensures long-lasting, efficient performance
  • Solenoid valves fitted with sensors: only activate when necessary to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption
  • Accurate fluid dynamics calculations: guarantee increased efficiency while reducing noise