Identifying DENSO Glow Plugs

Easy to use part numbering system – no stock numbers necessary anymore


> DG  -  DENSO Glow Plugs     

> 001 to 703 – Three digit number 


DG-001 to DG-010 > TOP 10 Fast movers approximately 46% of European sales volume

DG-101 to DG-198 > Slower movers with approximately ~50% of European sales volume

DG-211 to DG-246 > TOYOTA OE application glow plugs (except Ceramic glow plugs)

DG-301 to DG-311 > Ceramic glow plugs (including TOYOTA OE applications)

DG-400 to DG-401 > Water cooling heater plugs (including TOYOTA applications)

DG-501 to DG-502 > Mazda application glow plugs

DG-700 to DG-703 > New 2009 > applications