Installation and Fault finding


Recommended torque specification for DENSO Glow Plugs:

1. Use the correct wrench for the Glow Plug and Terminal.

2. When changing Glow Plugs, make sure that oil, dirt etc. on the outside of the disassembled Glow Plug does not enter into the cylinder.

3. When mounting the Glow Plug, clean the engine side of the flange and make sure the Glow Plug is correctly inline with the thread of the cylinderhead.

4. Make sure the plug is correctly positioned and tighten it by hand until it cannot be tightened any further.

5. Then, use a torque wrench to tighten it accurately to the torque showed in the chart below.

GP Torque Specification UK GP Torque Caution UK

Fault Finding

GP Fault Analysis 1 UK GP Fault Analysis 2 UK