Iridium TT

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It's what's inside that counts

For the smallest centre electrode diameter, increasing power and performance.

Pioneering Performance

Nickel Plugs feature two flat surfaces, which block the ability of the ignition spark to grow. But DENSO’s Iridium TT’s two needle-thin electrodes (with the center electrode 0.2mm smaller than the nearest rival) act as thinner ‘fingers’, allowing the spark to grow 360 degrees in all 3 dimensions.

This improves the ability of the air and fuel mix to ignite and, in turn, allows the spark to expand quicker and better, optimising both fuel economy and performance.

DENSO’s cutting-edge technology has created a unique iridium rhodium alloy with the highest iridium ratio in the market for the center electrode as well as a bespoke platinum alloy for the ground electrode, allowing for the extended lifespan of the plug.

The Range

The complete Iridium TT Spark Plug range is highly consolidated and caters for the majority of the top selling EU car park.

To find out which Iridium TT spark plug is available for your car, check out our e-catalogue.

Features and Benefits

> Vastly increased endurance
Life span of 120,000 km.

> Improved Ignitability 
Stronger spark delivers better ignition performance.

> Improved Output
Low voltage requirement and high ignitability improves combustion.

> Reduced Emissions
Improved ignitability leads to less combustion fluctuation, resulting in less fuel consumption and significantly reduced CO, CO2 and HC emissions.

> Technologically Advanced
Delivers all-round optimum vehicle performance to a much wider range of OE vehicles at an affordable price.