DENSO-C Diagnostic Tool

The need

As every independent garage knows, it has never been more essential to offer advanced on-board diagnostics, correct service and effective repair. Today’s vehicle engine and electronic systems are constantly evolving, as emissions management grows more integrated with other electronic  devices.

This continually changing picture means you also need a diagnostic tool that is advanced, reliable and affordable. Now there is a solution that means:

  • You will stand out from your competitors – from other independent workshops to franchised dealerships – by offering cutting edge diesel technology expertise
  • You can offer a tailor-made system to service and repair the leading-name DENSO diesel brand

The tool

The DENSO-C Diagnostic Tool is the first and ONLY tool on the market that’s specifically designed for independent garages to use with DENSO’s advanced diesel vehicle parts and systems.

DENSO-C delivers:

  • Data that’s based on our own specialist OE knowledge and expertise
  • Specialist software for DENSO diesel systems
  • Continually updated functions & manuals
  • A time-saving repair manual included
  • 50% more functions for DENSO diesel applications than other available diesel tools