Navigation Repair

DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced technologies, including navigation systems, to the automotive industry. We specialise in developing tailor-made systems for car manufacturers that integrate with specific vehicles.

When it comes to Navigation Systems, the car manufacturer is responsible for organising and supplying firmware and map updates; this is often done via a third party company such as Navteq ( These are the first point of contact for assistance.

However, for specific car manufacturers DENSO has created an Exchange Programme for navigation products via the car dealer.

The reconditioning of DENSO Navigation Systems is done in our specially designed Electronics Repair Centre. Here, repairs and testing are carried out in a dust and static-free environment, employing the latest technologies. As a result, all navigation products leaving the DENSO Electronics Repair Centre are comparable to new original equipment parts, and offer the same warranty terms.

Using DENSO’s specialist Navigation Repair service gives you the best of all worlds – a money-saving, fast repair by the original manufacturer, delivered at the optimum quality and at a cost you can rely on. 

To take advantage of this service, simply complete the Repair Order Form and send to us.