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DENSO, ADAS and the aftermarket

As the world's second largest parts and systems provider, DENSO has the ability to influence and develop solutions for society's greatest needs. Supporting societal peace and well-being is a priority for DENSO and this translates in its future strategy as well as its product and service offering
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DENSO Aftermarket wins GroupAuto International supplier award

Global parts supplier is recognised as being fully aligned with the buying group’s strategy and in doing so scoops one of the industry’s most coveted awards
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DENSO prepares for the future with new ‘One Europe’ structure

DENSO has restructured its aftermarket operation around the ‘One EU Aftermarket’ concept: an integrated approach to serving the market that will promote collaboration and bring DENSO closer to its customers.
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What’s new in DENSO’s Digital World?

DENSO Europe’s aftermarket website is receiving an update to add new content, features and visuals.
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72 years of success: the history of DENSO

From our founding in Japan, to our growth into sites across the world, DENSO has a rich history and heritage in the automotive market. From our first establishment, DENSO has set out to make a difference in the automotive world, including in the aftermarket. To celebrate our commitment to automotive innovation and customer service across our seven decades in the industry, we’ve put together a timeline of the key parts of our history.