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DENSO continues its humanitarian support effort to help Ukraine

A year of full-scale Russian invasion has resulted in thousands of Ukrainian casualties and a humanitarian disaster of a significant scale, which deeply saddens DENSO Europe
Kyiv Institute Tand O Reanimation

Since the war began, DENSO Japan and DENSO International Europe have donated 600,000 euros to the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency and Red Cross) in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

From the end of October 2022, Russia increased its targeting of Ukraine's electricity and water supplies and other vital infrastructure, leaving thousands of families in difficult living conditions, complicating people’s lives and even making the work of hospitals, police, schools and others public services impossible.

This tragic situation made DENSO realise how critically important light and communication are and lead the company’s managers to increase its contribution by helping Ukraine to secure its energy supply.

Power stations

With the support of Ukrainian national automotive parts distributors, DENSO initiated a program to support regional medical, social and police facilities by providing power charging stations that are not too big and critically, do not have to rely on regular support with essential equipment.

As part of this initiative, DENSO purchased 50 charging stations – 25 Bluetti AC200 max (2048Wh) and 25 EcoFlow Delta Pro (3600Wh) – to support the uninterrupted operation of electrical devices during power outages at facilities managed by its official distributors.

DENSO is grateful to AD Ukraine for its huge support and participation in purchasing and logistics. Thanks to its help, these power stations were quickly delivered to Ukraine and stored in its warehouse.

Thanks also to all DENSO distributors in Ukraine representing the business who delivered this equipment to people working hard under these difficult conditions in different regions of the country and need them most.

Mykolaiv Regional Hospital

Spark plugs for petrol energy generators

Considering the energy shortage in Ukraine, many small business owners had to buy gasoline generators to keep working. So, as another part of its support for businesses in the country, DENSO, the leading producer of ignition components, also decided to support Ukrainian users of small generators when servicing their equipment and will compensate distributors for a certain number of spark plugs provided to the owners of these generators.

DENSO Europe is sure this common effort will help save and support lives in warfare, occupied territories and medical evacuation lines.

Further details of the DENSO Aftermarket program is available online at: