DENSO confirms outstanding sales figures for innovative TT Spark Plugs

DENSO Europe B.V.’s After Market Business Unit has confirmed record demand for its pioneering, high performance, cost effective Twin Tip (TT) Plugs across the European aftermarket.

Since their launch to the aftermarket in Russia and Eastern Europe in 2008 and the rest of Europe in 2010, DENSO has seen sales of TT Spark Plugs double each year. In 2010 sales of DENSO TT Spark Plugs reached record levels, tripling 2009 sales figures. After only seven months of this fiscal year, DENSO can already confirm very positive sales figures, well above those of last year.

Gilbert Couvert, Product Manager Spark Plugs, DENSO Europe B.V.’s After Market Business Unit confirms: “The growing demand from the European aftermarket for DENSO’s TT Spark Plugs is also reflected in DENSO’s market share for this segment of the market which stands at 9%. It is clear that increasing numbers of customers prefer the superior technology and efficiency benefits of DENSO’s TT Plugs which is available to them without the associated cost implications.”

The benefits of DENSO’s TT technology for drivers includes up to 5% better fuel efficiency to that of Standard spark plugs, reduced vehicle emissions compared to traditional nickel plugs as well as improved acceleration and output – performing close to DENSO’s premium Iridium Spark Plug ranges – even in cold conditions.

The innovative range also offers suitability for the increasing number of vehicles fitted with LPG engines, delivering both performance and cost advantages, allowing garages to increase their service offering to a wider group of vehicles. TT technology can maintain a lower electrode temperature than standard plugs, enabling them to resist erosion in LPG engines whilst improving engine performance and environmental impact. Furthermore TT Spark Plugs are able to compensate for the higher voltage requirement of 25-30 kV (comparing with petrol engines at 10-15 kV) of cars with LPG, because they have smaller diameter central and ground electrodes.

In addition, because TT Spark Plugs achieve fine-wire technology without the use of precious metals, they are cheaper to buy than the iridium and platinum plugs normally required for LPG vehicles.

DENSO’s innovative, aftermarket-only TT Spark Plug technology is the outcome of years of Research and Development work at DENSO Japan’s engineering centre, aimed at meeting the joint challenges of environmental protection and technical performance. Founded on DENSO’s OE-tested, Super Ignition Plug (SIP) technology, TT plugs are the first ever fine-wired spark plugs to be produced without using precious metal - such as platinum or iridium - on the electrodes. Thanks to their new nickel alloy centre and a ‘twin’ protruding ground electrode with a slimmer than normal 1.5mm diameter, TT plugs produce more powerful sparks, ensuring better combustion of the air and fuel mixture. Their success in the aftermarket is due to the many benefits they offer drivers, distributors and garages alike.

The highly consolidated TT Spark Plug range is also even more practical than Standard nickel spark plugs for distributors to order and stock. With only 13 part numbers covering the vast majority of Standard applications, distributors can hold reduced stock, whilst still meeting daily replacement needs. Additionally the plugs have a simple, short code part number making the order process shorter and more convenient.

Details of all the TT part references and applications are listed in TecDoc and on-line at Details of the TT Spark Plug range can also be found in the DENSO Spark Plugs & Glow Plugs Catalogue or from DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit After Market on +31 (0) 294 493 493.