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DENSO and Honeywell co-develop e-motor for Lilium’s all-electric jet

A small, light electric motor creates high output to power the Lilium Jet.
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DENSO Aftermarket expands its social media presence

Reflecting the global reach of social media (SM) and the importance of this form of mass-communication, DENSO has broadened its presence to address a Pan European audience
Social Media

DENSO shows its thermal management expertise

DENSO opens the doors on its motorsport programme with Toyota Gazoo Racing, as it reveals the challenges associated with efficient thermal management in the high-pressure environment of the World Rally Championship

DENSO products electrify Toyota and Subaru’s new all-electric bZ4X and SOLTERRA

DENSO provides key electrification components to Toyota and Subaru for their all-new bZ4X and SOLTERRA all-electric vehicles, helping them to optimise battery usage to go further, charge faster and, most importantly, perform better.
Electricity Supply Unit

DENSO’s comprehensive aftermarket training programme

DENSO’s training combines high quality, IMI accredited, online technical training and assessment, with face-to-face instruction to help technicians improve their skills and do the best possible job
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