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DENSO introduces more cabin filter references to cater for aftermarket demand

Cabin filter replacement is not only a scheduled service replacement item, but also an important health and safety precaution, which is why original equipment (OE) manufacturer DENSO, continues to increase its aftermarket offering
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DENSO: Air Conditioning best practice

Oil contamination is a major problem for air conditioning systems, so how should the condition of the oil/refrigerant mixture be assessed?
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DENSO, ADAS and the aftermarket

As the world's second largest parts and systems provider, DENSO has the ability to influence and develop solutions for society's greatest needs. Supporting societal peace and well-being is a priority for DENSO and this translates in its future strategy as well as its product and service offering
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DENSO Aftermarket wins GroupAuto International supplier award

Global parts supplier is recognised as being fully aligned with the buying group’s strategy and in doing so scoops one of the industry’s most coveted awards
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DENSO prepares for the future with new ‘One Europe’ structure

DENSO has restructured its aftermarket operation around the ‘One EU Aftermarket’ concept: an integrated approach to serving the market that will promote collaboration and bring DENSO closer to its customers.
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