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Key to starting your car reliably and efficiently, successful ignition is also essential to ensure the high performance of your vehicle. From fuel efficiency to reducing carbon emissions, choosing ignition products and parts that provide a consistent power output will help your car engine to perform well on every journey.

By developing and manufacturing world-leading car ignition technologies, DENSO has become a trusted name for a variety of original equipment (OE) products, including ignition coils, spark plugs, and glow plugs. We’re continuously developing ignition system innovations such as our patented Twin Tip® (TT) design to ensure our spark plugs provide high performance in petrol engines, whatever the car or driving style.

This focus on reliable and efficient performance continues with our ignition coils, designed to have a longer lifetime and deliver the high output you need every time you turn the key. Optimum performance and efficiency are also key to the popularity of our glow plugs, developed using our market-leading knowledge of OEM diesel systems used in almost every European diesel car model.

With innovative ignition system technologies and longer lifetimes in products and car parts that suit any budget, car manufacturers worldwide rely on our aftermarket ignition range to provide optimum engine performance in both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Installation and fault finding

To ensure your car ignition products have the longest possible lifetime, it's essential that they’re installed correctly and that any faults are found and fixed quickly. Download DENSO’s ignition systems' manuals to find all the relevant information.

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How does an ignition system work?
It depends on the type of system. But in simple terms, a conventional ignition system generates a very high voltage from the car's battery, sending this to each sparkplug and igniting the fuel-air mixture in a petrol engine's combustion chambers to start the engine. The coil is the component that produces this high voltage. A distributor cap provides the electrical connection between the coil and spark plugs in conventional mechanical and electronic ignition systems.
What are the types of ignition systems?
There are four types of ignition systems: conventional breaker-point (mechanical) ignitions, high energy (electronic) ignition, distributor-less (waste spark) ignition, and coil-on-plug ignition.
What are the main components of a conventional ignition system?
The main components are a coil pack, an ignition module, a crankshaft reluctor ring, a magnetic sensor, and an electronic control module. The ignition module controls the primary circuits to the coils, turning them on and off.