Diagnostic Services

With the rising number of DENSO electronic systems in the continuously growing European vehicle car parc, the need for advanced on-board diagnostics (OBD), correct service and effective repair becomes increasingly important. In addition, further integration of emissions management into other electronic devices will result into ever more complex systems than before
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The DENSO approach to diagnostics differs considerably from that of other diagnostic scan tool manufacturers. Our main priority is to provide the full depth of technical support for the DENSO systems throughout the complete car life cycle. DENSO Diagnostic Services are offered to OEM car dealers, DENSO Service Dealers, independent workshops and to the aftermarket through a network made up of selected Diagnostic Specialists.

Advanced diagnostics requires a variety of diagnostic functions, combined with accurate vehicle information and high system knowledge. DENSO's diagnostic software provides the ideal combined solution.

The DENSO Diagnostic System Tester can communicate with multiple ECU's (Electronic Control Units) both serial as well as via the latest CAN-bus protocols. Supplied with a library of interactive digital workshop manuals, the software covers continuously more and more applications.

For the authorised DENSO Diesel Service Network the DST-PC platform is available. With high-tech features such as Automatic Vehicle Detection, Data Recording and Trouble Shooting Guidance, the PC-based DST-PC platform from DENSO offers all of the diagnostic functions and information needed for advanced trouble shooting.

For the independent aftermarket DENSO offers the PC-based DENSO-C platform. Which has similar high-tech features as the DST-PC platform, using software specially developed for the aftermarket.

For further information about DENSO's Diagnostic System Tester or to purchase please contact your authorized country distributor. A list of distributors can be found in the Where To Buy section