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Wiper Blades

All about

Wiper Blades

General information

To keep the driver’s line of sight clear and maintain visibility, a vehicle’s wiper blades must be durable, well-fitted, and reliable. High-quality windscreen wipers are a safety part – for drivers, passengers, and other road users – whose importance is par with brakes. Like many essential car parts, windscreen wiper blades work at their best when they are not noticed – functioning quietly and flawlessly to keep the driver’s attention on the road and not distracted by a dirty front or rear window.

A conventional wiper blade system comprises four parts: the wiper motor, link, arm, and blade. Driven by the vehicle's electrics and controlled by the driver, the wiper motor transfers power to the link, which provides the connection between the wiper motor and the arm. This arm uses spring pressure to press the wiper blade flat onto the windscreen. As the wiper blade moves up and down, the windscreen is wiped and cleaned of any dirt, rain, or snow.

DENSO wiper blades are the perfect fit for a comprehensive range of car models. They offer OE flat, bayonet, hook, and twin-screw installation systems as well as conventional, flat, hybrid, and rear wiper blades in our aftermarket programme.

As a crucial component of a car’s safety system, our car wiper blades are meticulously manufactured and tested to ensure they meet precise standards of fit and performance. With a proven OE heritage and a history of pioneering new designs, DENSO’s wiper blades are the number one choice for the aftermarket. They are thoroughly tried and tested, so motorists and aftermarket professionals can rely on their safety and performance.

Installation of wiper blades and maintenance

Installing new wiper blades correctly, identifying faults early, and following a predictive maintenance routine will ensure the vehicle's wipers deliver safe and reliable performance journey after journey. Download our manuals and catalogues and learn more details about DENSO wiper blade products.

Catalogues and marketing materials

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Wiper blades FAQs

How often should I replace my windscreen wipers? 
Generally, you should replace your windscreen wiper blades every 12 months. However, if your wipers show signs of wear and tear, for example, if the rubber starts splitting, then it may be necessary to replace them more frequently. 
What are the different wiper blade types? 
There are three main types of wiper blades: Conventional windscreen wipers - an articulated metal frame with a rubber blade attached. Flat wiper blades - a thick rubber blade with a connection block in the centre. Hybrid - which combines the metal frame of a regular wiper with the rubber strip of flat wipers. 
Are DENSO blades easy to fit? 
Yes, fitting is straightforward, and we provide step-by-step instructions, which you can read here.