Through our state-of-the-art remanufacturing facility in the Netherlands, DENSO Remanufacturing provides reconditioned car parts that offer OE quality, durability and reliability, but at a substantially lower cost.

Being kind to the environment has become a cornerstone of most vehicle manufacturers' brands. DENSO Remanufacturing saves tons of used materials from being dumped each year, whilst our strict environmental policy minimises the impact from any materials that cannot be reused.

At our remanufacturing facility, returned automotive parts selected for remanufacturing are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Any individual components that fail to meet OEM specification are replaced with original equipment components. All parts are then reassembled and tested, both as a sub-assembly and as an end product – to protect both your reputation and ours.

Remanufactured parts translate into increased aftermarket customer satisfaction for vehicle manufacturers. As well as looking exactly like a new product, DENSO's genuine remanufactured parts comply with the OES warranty conditions.

Note: DENSO Remanufacturing is only available for parts returns from vehicle manufacturers and not to individual customers.