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Common rail diesel is a fuel injection system used in modern diesel engines. Working in partnership with a variety of car manufacturers, DENSO has invested extensively in its diesel engine parts, producing a unique range consistent with OE part quality and always at the forefront of diesel engine technology. Through product performance, R&D efforts, and a range tailored to the needs of manufacturers, our diesel engine components – including diesel fuel injectors, diesel pumps, and suction control valves (SCVs) – have gained a reputation for efficiency and reliability.

DENSO pioneered the common rail fuel system for production road vehicles and has continued to refine and improve the system ever since. We are constantly building on our heritage to unlock new levels of performance in diesel engines. With emissions reduction now a crucial part of engine development, aftermarket professionals can be confident that when they source DENSO engine parts, they are contributing to greater fuel efficiency and, therefore, lesser environmental impact in customer vehicles.

Our common rail history and experience ensure that our diesel injectors, pumps, and SCVs are included in our outstanding Diesel components programme, meeting OE quality.

Installation and fault finding

Steps to ensuring optimum performance from a diesel engine include proper part installation following instructions, regular maintenance and inspection, and part replacement along a predictive maintenance schedule, mostly described in car manufacturers’ maintenance manuals. On the subpages for each part, you will find, if applicable, installation guides for each common rail component.


What is common rail?
Common rail is a fuel injection system in modern diesel engines. In common rail systems, the fuel is supplied to the car engine under pressure with electronically controlled precision. This precision provides the necessary flexibility for emission control, power, and fuel consumption.
What is a fuel injector?
A fuel injector supplies fuel to the car's engine. The injection system is designed to inject the right amount into the engine's combustion chamber, at the right timing.
What are the main parts of a common rail diesel engine system?
The main parts are a fuel storage tank, a fuel pump that pressurises the fuel to high pressure, a fuel rail that maintains the required pressure and distributes the fuel to the injectors, common rail injectors that inject fuel into the cylinders, an engine control unit that operates the rail system and injectors, and sensors that detect the operating conditions of the engine and fuel system. Most common rail systems have piston pumps to pressurise fuel to the common rail pressure.

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