DENSO Spark Plug expansion sure to ignite interest New TT, Iridium and Nickel references announced

DENSO Europe B.V.’s After Market Business Unit has announced the expansion of its world-leading Spark Plug programme. The leading parts supplier has introduced additions to its pioneering Twin Tip (TT) Spark Plug range, as well as new part references for its premium Iridium Power range and Standard Nickel range.

Two new TT Spark Plug references, XU22TT and XUH22TT, will be made available to the aftermarket in the last quarter of 2013. Their addition will bring the total number of part numbers in the consolidated range to fifteen, boosting TT’s coverage of the expanding car parc.

The XU22TT reference is suitable for three million European applications, including Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia 1.2 and 1.4 FIRE engine, Ford Ka (from 2009 onwards), Chevrolet 1.0 and 1.2 and Daihatsu 1.3.

The XUH22TT TT Spark Plug reference will fit more than a million vehicles across Europe, including Kia/Hyundai 1.4 and 1.6 engines. Already available for almost all models, the car parc coverage of this reference is rapidly increasing. The XUH22TT is also suitable for the Smart 1.0 engine.

DENSO’s world-first, aftermarket-only Twin Tip (TT) Spark Plug technology offers drivers improved fuel economy and environmental benefits; as well as a range of competitive advantages for distributors.

Founded on DENSO’s OE-tested, Super Ignition Plug (SIP) technology, TT plugs are the first ever fine-wired spark plugs to be produced without using precious metal - such as platinum or iridium - on the electrodes. Thanks to their nickel alloy centre and a ‘twin’ protruding ground electrode with a slimmer than normal 1.5mm diameter, TT plugs produce more powerful sparks, ensuring better combustion of the air and fuel mixture. Drivers will notice that the engine is more responsive, and there is more torque available when switching from running idle to driving away because of the improved spark development generated. The ignition efficiency achieved is close to DENSO’s premium Iridium ranges, even in cold conditions, yet at a more affordable price.

This advanced technology offers extensive benefits for drivers, stockists and installers throughout the year. Highly ignitable and durable, DENSO’s TT Spark Plugs offer up to 5% better fuel efficiency and reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbon (HC) vehicle emissions compared with Standard Spark Plugs – as well as better acceleration and output.

Gilbert Couvert, Product Manager, Spark Plugs, DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit After Market confirms: “A true aftermarket first, TT plugs are unique in the market. The range not only offers a real chance for distributors and garages to differentiate themselves from competitors, but also offers more profit potential than standard spark plugs.

“The revolutionary technology provides better ignitability and fuel economy for the motorist than standard spark plugs, but without the cost usually associated with high performance plugs. And with only fifteen part references offering enough applications to cover an impressive 85% of the top selling European cars, the stock-holding is dramatically reduced,” continued Mr Couvert.

Further Spark Plug expansion news

In addition to the TT range expansion, DENSO has announced the launch of a further two parts:

New Iridium Power part reference: IK16L

Available before September 2013, reference IK16L is an extended version of the IK16 and is similarly priced. This new part reference version is also already available in a higher heat range: IK20 and IK20L and is suitable for almost nine million applications.

New Nickel Spark Plug part reference: XU22HDR9

Announced as an alternative to DENSO’s IXUH22I Iridium Power for the Kia/Hyundai 1.4 and1.6 engines, this new Nickel Spark Plug part reference is now readily available for aftermarket customers.

An additional nickel cross ensures the XU22HDR9 is a competitive solution at the right price. The newly announced XUH22TT TT Spark Plug from DENSO is also suitable for Kia/Hyundai 1.4 and1.6 engines.

New OE Spark Plug part references

In addition to an expanding aftermarket range DENSO has announced the launch of two new OE Spark Plug references.

Iridium Tough - VXEBH27

From August onwards the new DENSO Spark Plug OE reference VXEBH27 will be available for the Toyota GT86 and the Subaru BRZ. To match the expectations of GT86 and BRZ customers in the aftermarket DENSO will offer the existing Iridium Tough Spark Plug, which features the patented 0.4mm Iridium centre electrode.

Not only does the Iridium Tough offer value for money, but the plug is also designed to deliver the highest possible performance - making it an ideal solution for these powerful performance vehicles.

Super Ignition Plug - FK16R-A8

In the last quarter of 2013, DENSO will also introduce the Super Ignition Plug FK16R-A8. This plug is already fitted as the OE Spark Plug for the Toyota Yaris 1.5 Hybrid and the Prius Wagon 1.5 Hybrid. More details will become available later this year.

Details of DENSO’s continually expanding Spark Plug programme are available online at, on TecDoc from or from DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit After Market on +31 (0) 294 493 493 .