DENSO Europe announce new addition to A/C Parts range

DENSO Europe After Market has announced the launch of premium quality Evaporators for aftermarket customers to complement its extensive A/C Parts range.

The new range comprises 24 part numbers, suitable for a wide range of applications including Fiat Group, Iveco, Peugeot/Citroën and Renault.

Each DENSO Evaporator has been manufactured to the highest standard, offering high corrosion resistance and a long life expectancy. Every part is specially coated to prevent bacteria growth and the resulting bad smells.

How it works

An evaporator vaporises the low pressure and low temperature refrigerant. When vaporising the refrigerant a large amount of heat is required, which the evaporator absorbs from the warm air passing over the evaporator fins, thus cooling the passenger compartment.

After the refrigerant has completed its path through the evaporator, the liquid changes into a gas and then flows to the compressor. This process is then repeated.

Peter Valek, Product Manager at DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit After Market, comments: “We saw sales of our OE quality A/C Compressors grow significantly last year, and expect the demand for this new range of Evaporators to be just as positive. Their introduction will offer garages and distributors even more profit boosting opportunities.”

For further details on DENSO’s Thermal Systems aftermarket ranges including: Radiators, Cooling Fans, Heater Cores, Intercoolers, A/C Compressors, A/C Condensers and Cabin Blower Fans, please contact DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit After Market on +31 (0) 294 493 493.