New 9x4 Hybrid Blades offer retrofit upgrades for millions more cars

Responding to market demand, DENSO Europe Aftermarket has announced a new selection of Hybrid Upgrade Wiper Blades featuring 9x4 connectors. The addition of the 9x4 clip to the existing 9x3 clip offers extensive opportunities to upgrade end-customers from standard blades to DENSO’s unique, high performance Hybrid Blade technology.

DENSO Hybrid Wiper Blades were first launched to the original equipment market in 2005. Their innovative engineering, superior materials and futuristic design make DENSO’s Hybrid Wiper Blades the original equipment choice of some of the world’s top vehicle marques. Aftermarket customers have been able to take advantage of this pioneering blade type with a 9x3 connector – suiting the most popular size of wiper arm used globally – since 2012.

Now, vehicles with the second most common wiper arm size, 9x4, can also be retrofitted with DENSO Hybrid Blades. Together with 9x3 connectors, the full Hybrid range now includes 21 part references, with a current European parc coverage of 55%, which is increasing on a weekly basis through further test-fit and research conducted by DENSO Application Engineer, Wouter Knol.

DENSO Europe Aftermarket Product Manager Wiper Blades, Nick Thomas, confirmed: “The addition of Hybrid Blades with both a 9x4 connector and 9x3 clip in the box is currently adding a further 50% extra retrofit applications to our line up, ensuring that many more drivers can benefit from reliable, effective windscreen wiping when their existing blades need replacing.”

DENSO achieved the new, 9x4 connector design by adding an extra mounting clip that provides an easy, secure mount to 9x4 wiper arms. Every application is extensively tested, to ensure a strong, first-time fit and perfect, long-lasting wiping performance.

In total DENSO offers three Wiper Blade technologies to the aftermarket: Standard Blades for everyday needs; Flat Blades for long-lasting performance in all weathers (with Retrofit Flat for older vehicles); and the ultra-advanced, OEM specification technology of its Hybrid Blades (now known as Hybrid Upgrade to include older vehicles).

DENSO Hybrid Blades: The clear advantage

  • Combine the innovative engineering, superior materials and wiping performance of standard wiper blades, with the style and aerodynamic advantages of flat blades
  • Advanced Original Equipment specification for a perfect fit, first time
  • Inside the wiper housing, a pre-tensioned vertebra with varying curvature along its length delivers superior surface hold to the windscreen
  • Low-profile contour ensures minimal wind resistance and operational noise
  • Stylish, fully covered, matt black body for an aerodynamic, protective shield against sun exposure and snow build up
  • Rigid, graphite-coated rubber blade with evenly cut edges gives a smooth, more efficient, durable wiping performance
  • Natural, high compression rubber insert endures exposure to light and moisture better than synthetic rubber
  • Superior performance in cold conditions due to less build-up of snow and ice
  • Integrated fitting system is easy to attach to wiper arm
  • High coverage of Asian and European vehicle applications for optimum customer convenience

Details of DENSO’s extensive Wiper Blade programme are available online at, on TecDoc or from DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit Aftermarket on +31 (0) 294 493 493.