DENSO’s Motorcycle, Small Engine & Marine catalogue now available

DENSO's dedicated Motorcycle, Small Engine & Marine Catalogue 2015/2016 is now available to the aftermarket, containing hundreds of additional, OE quality aftermarket applications for Europe’s newest and most popular vehicles and specialist engines.

The catalogue is especially designed for biking, boating and specialist engine parts stockists. It combines all DENSO Spark Plug references for a wide range of motorcycle, small engine and marine applications, making it even easier for customers to view DENSO’s complete range of self-manufactured, OE quality plugs in one concise and easy-to-read directory.

Spark Plugs – the DENSO difference
DENSO has been setting the standard for spark plug technology since 1959. Continually updated and expanded the range of OE quality, non-passenger vehicle Spark Plugs now totals in excess of 12,000 DENSO applications, including plugs for motorcycles, karts, quad bikes, snowmobiles, small motors, jet-skis and marine inboard & outboard motors. Key technology for this thriving section of the aftermarket includes Standard, Iridium Power and Iridium Racing Spark Plugs, collectively offering unlimited benefits such as heat resistant nickel plating, lower fuel consumption, and access to F1 technology.

Motorcycle spark plugs – top performance on the track
When speed and maximum performance is needed most you know you can trust DENSO’s Spark Plug technology. But how does this world-leading technology translate to optimum performance on the track? More detail below:

  1. 1. No spark, no start – put simply the spark plug is the heart of the engine. DENSO’s Iridium Plugs have been exclusively created to deliver high reliability and better acceleration response and operational stability, and ensures that non-firing and misfires under a variety of conditions are greatly reduced.
  2. 2. Low voltage, high ignitability – this perfect combination guarantees a dramatic improvement in combustion, and ultimately an increase in engine output. DENSO’s research teams have previously bench tested a motorcycle engine to demonstrate the improved combustion of Iridium Power with that of a normal plug, with the test showcasing an improvement of 1.4% more horse power in output at 110 km/h.
  3. 3. The secret is the electrode - DENSO Iridium Racing Plug’s contribution to improved performance is particularly notable during acceleration. The 0.8mm, all-platinum ground electrode achieves higher ignitability than other plugs. Compared to the nickel alloy used in conventional spark plugs, the high melting point of platinum reduces problems such as ground electrode melting and wear. Platinum alloy is welded on and gapped without any bending, reducing residual stress and increasing durability. Add to this the world’s first 0.4mm dia. ultra-fine Iridium centre electrode, and ultimate performance is achieved. The miniturisation of the centre electrode means that a lower voltage is required, producing greater ignitability.
  4. 4. Start with the spark - Instead of focusing on air intake, exhaust pipes and software, when tasked with improving the power output of a vehicle, start with installing different spark plugs. Not only is performance improved but so is fuel efficiency – a clear benefit for vehicle owners and for racers when time is of the essence.
  5. 5. Patented spark cleaning pocket - Between the centre electrode and the insulator of the Iridium Racing plug, a small pocket has been opened around the tip clearance. When there is carbon fouling or deposition, this part will discharge and burn off the carbon, restoring electrical resistance.
  6. 6. Silicone oil coating - During the start of a race, non-starting caused by carbon fouling and carbon deposits can be dangerous. To prevent this, the insulator of the Iridium Racing plug has been covered with a silicone coating. Using the water repellent properties of silicone, the surface is isolated from moisture and carbon, preventing a reduction in resistance.
  7. 7. Insulators for racing - Using a stronger insulator developed by repeating numerous race trials, strength has been increased by approximately 20%.

DENSO Motorcycle, Small Engine & Marine Catalogue range offering
DENSO’s complete range of self-manufactured, OE quality plugs deliver outstanding OE quality to the aftermarket. Including Standard, Iridium Power and Iridium Racing, DENSO Spark Plugs guarantee optimum engine performance for every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application.

> Copper glass seal helps heat dissipation
> Standard U-groove
> Deeply inserted copper core
> Heat resistant nickel plating

Iridium Power
> Superb ignitability
> Low required voltage
> Better acceleration response and operational stability
> Lower fuel consumption
> Longer lifetime

Iridium Racing
> F1 technology
> Ultimate acceleration
> High reliability
> Boosted performance