Celebrating 20 years of Iridium Spark Plug innovation

Ground-breaking 0.4 mm electrode continues to set industry standards twenty years since being introduced to the market.

Iridium TT - Product & Packaging

It is 20 years since DENSO revealed its first generation of 0.4mm Iridium spark plugs, the world’s smallest diameter electrode. The leap in performance that these advanced DENSO components brought in 1997 continues to pay dividends today.

The lower required voltage and high ignitability from the iridium electrode also guarantees smoother idling, improved acceleration and high response driving. These plugs can withstand even the most severe conditions and have proven their value through a number of benefits, including

  • Reducing the load on a vehicle's ignition system (less strain = less chance of failure)
  • A more precise spark every time, delivered in the correct position and with the correct timing (More efficient combustion)
  • A larger gap can be supported without increasing load on the ignition system (Larger gap = larger spark = more efficient combustion)

Assuming that a suitable Iridium plug is available for your engine, motorists can benefit from improved throttle response, improve economy, increased durability and reduced emissions.

There is a full range of DENSO Iridium spark plugs, tailored to meet the exacting requirements of different engines and their respective performance.

DENSO OE Iridium Plugs

These plugs usually contain a 0.6mm Iridium alloy centre electrode matched to a platinum chipped ground electrode for optimum service life without compromising performance. Service life can be as much as 150,000 kilometres for this plug type. Most OE Iridium plugs are available from stock.

DENSO Iridium TT Plugs

DENSO’s Iridium TT’s two needle-thin electrodes (with the center electrode 0.2mm smaller than the nearest rival) act as thinner ‘fingers’, allowing the flame to grow 360 degrees in all 3 dimensions. This improves the ability of the air and fuel mix to ignite and, in turn, allows the flame to expand quicker and better, optimising both fuel economy and performance.

DENSO Iridium Power Plugs

A traditional ground electrode, featured with tapered cut and a U-groove, is teamed with DENSO's ultra-fine 0.4mm Iridium alloy centre electrode to provide excellent performance. Service life for normally aspirated engines can be up to 40,000 kilometres but replacing after a shorter interval may provide greater savings in fuel economy. This spark plug is especially suitable for motorcycle engines and high-power engines.

DENSO Iridium Racing

Precision tuned for demands of high rev, high horsepower, high torque and all high output engine applications under extreme endurance and competitive conditions with a 100% pure platinum ground electrode, not just plated. Available in coldest heat ranges for highest performance cars and motorcycles.

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Further details of DENSO’s product range are available online at www.denso-am.eu, on TecDoc or from your local DENSO Aftermarket sales contact.