DENSO adds reset option to innovative e-Videns solution

DENSO's innovative vehicle inspection tool, e-Videns, has been further enhanced with the addition of vehicle reset functionality. The unique solution now features options for service interval resets and diagnostic trouble code resets. The update enables technicians to access the same reset functions available with OE equipment, eliminating the need to switch to other reset equipment.

Denso E Videns Device

DENSO's e-Videns solution can now perform a Service Interval Reset (SIR) and a Diagnostic Trouble Code Reset (DTCR). The SIR can be manual or automatic, depending on the make and model of the vehicle and includes Service time & mileage, Oil time & mileage, Brake & MOT.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Reset functionality enables technicians to quickly and easily reset the check engine light, with e-Videns rescanning all vehicle systems to confirm the codes have been reset.

Available when the reset license is activated and e-Videns inspection results are saved, a vehicle reset stores all relevant servicing information in the cloud, printing data in both customer and repairer reports. A reset is required on most vehicles following maintenance work.

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End-to-end visibility

DENSO first released e-Videns last year, providing the independent aftermarket with an end-to-end vehicle health check tool, integrating driver interview, system scanning, health check and a comprehensive vehicle inspection. The tool scans all available vehicle systems for error codes and monitors live engine data under various operating conditions. This information is then compared with reference data within the DENSO cloud to help technicians identify abnormalities and pre-empt potential issues.

Since its release, e-Videns has enabled independent technicians to significantly boost performance and efficiency, enabling them to work on a level-playing field with main franchised workshops. The technology helps to establish a much closer relationship between motorists and technicians, building trust through greater transparency of the vehicle inspection process. The tool invites the motorist to be part of a previously impenetrable process, offering unparalleled levels of transparency and greatly enhancing the likelihood of a swift approval for required and advised work.


Gerard Magielsen, DENSO Senior Engineer, commented: “Thanks to technology such as e-Videns, the DENSO brand continues to be synonymous with innovation throughout the aftermarket. We are committed to developing all our products to ensure that we continue to offer technicians OE quality parts and performance. The ability for e-Videns to trigger a service interval reset and a diagnostic trouble code reset not only gives independent technicians access to technology based on OE products, but will also help them boost efficiency when working with all types of vehicle.

“Our development to e-Videns continues. Not only is the tool now available worldwide in 15 different languages, development resumes to ensure that it remains the most comprehensive, user-friendly and cutting-edge vehicle inspection tool available to the aftermarket.”