DENSO opens the League of True Mechanics 2022

New modules covering two engine related products and another two about thermal related products, provide the content for DENSO’s 2022 League of True Mechanics (LOTM) competition, which opens throughout Europe on 1th April.
E learning courses 2022

“We introduced the LOTM in 2020 to provide a little friendly competition to run alongside high quality training modules to help technicians increase their technical knowledge and improve their overall skillset,” said Alexey Bartashevich, Head of AM Products at DENSO Europe, “and it became an instant hit.

“Now, three years on, the competition is popular throughout Europe and, for 2022, we already have more than 5,000 professionals registered to learn and compete to be the best in their country, which is almost double the 2,700 who took part last year, so it’s going from strength to strength.

“Although the study courses from the previous year’s competitions remain on the LOTM area on our e-Learning platform because they are still useful and relevant to technicians throughout Europe, to keep the competition fresh and present important additional technical content, we introduce new modules every year, which is what the LOTM competition for that year is based on. This year, therefore, we have a new air conditioning module and another on engine cooling, as well as a focus on ignition coils and one on oxygen sensors, and the continuation of the diesel course.

League of True Mechanics Prizes Image V1

“The e-learning programme provides detailed technical information about DENSO products and the interactive online courses that the LOTM competition is based on relies on technicians studying the material and a final exam, during which they have the opportunity to win DENSO coins. These coins are awarded by correctly answering the question posed by a ‘mini quiz’ that periodically appears within the modules and then in the final exam at the end of the module.

“The number of these coins earned during the year then decides their overall position in the competition in their region, as well as providing them with the opportunity to win several fabulous prizes. In addition, once the final exam is successfully completed, they can download a personalised certificate, which they can print out, frame and hang in the workshop.”

Registering for the DENSO e-Learning platform is free and straightforward, as technicians simply sign up via the following link: and while there, they can also sign up to the LOTM competition and have the opportunity to win one of a selection of fantastic prizes. So, sign up today!

Please note that prizes vary by country and region.