DENSO expands range with 32 new condensers featuring integrated receiver dryer

New sub cool condensers boast compact design for improved fuel efficiency

DENSO has announced the expansion of its aftermarket programme with 32 new OEM-quality condensers, featuring DENSO’s unique sub cool technology with an integrated receiver dryer (modulator). The new sub cool condensers are designed for a wide range of applications, boasting a compact design with efficiency improvements of up to 30%.

DENSO sub cooling technology: 30 percent higher efficiency

DENSO condensers are designed specifically for each type of vehicle, and the easy installation process ensures they integrate seamlessly into a vehicle’s air conditioning system. Sub cool condensers are characterised by two essential design features: while the upper part consists of a condensing area based on multi-flow technology, the condenser has a second heat exchanger at the bottom section which is the super cooling part. In addition, the receiver dryer function is integrated in the form of a modulator on the side of the condenser. This specialised construction enables efficiency improvements of almost a third compared with normal multi-flow condensers.

Subcool Condenser 2

Compact design, improved fuel efficiency

Multi-flow technology optimises the heat exchange, ensuring the complete condensation of the refrigerant. Air conditioning systems, which operate with a sub cool condenser, require less refrigerant than those which are equipped with conventional multi-flow condensers. This enables a space-saving, smaller design while the super cooling part of the condenser also means energy consumption can be reduced during operation of the A/C system.

The super cooling part of the condenser cools down the liquefied refrigerant further, resulting in lower system pressure and, consequently, a lower thermal load on the compressor, which contributes to considerable improvements in fuel efficiency.

Subcool Condenser Modulator

Wide range of applications

The compact design of the new sub cool condensers makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. The 32 new part numbers cover 638 TecDoc vehicle types, corresponding to a total of 2,700,000 vehicles. Applications include models produced by Audi, BMW, Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Lancia, Land Rover, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Renault and Volvo.