Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

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The DENSO Difference

Our intelligent EMS components optimise engine performance and limit emissions.

Features and Benefits

Small size and highly responsive

  • DENSO’s processing technique, using fine ceramic particles, produces a small, specifially shaped thermistor (sensing element).
  • The sensing part, which is inserted into the exhaust pipe with the thermistor, has a single tube structure rather than a doubletube structure of conventional exhaust gas temperature sensors. This achieves a more than 90 percent size reduction in volume compared to conventional exhaust gas  temperature sensors.
  • The sensing part and the shaped thermistor ensure high responsiveness – taking less than 7 seconds to change from room temperature to 1000 degrees Celsius.


 Heat and vibration resistant

  • No sensor breakage on the exhaust system.
  • Able to withstand vibrations even near the engine.

Highly accurate detection

  • The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor detects temperatures within ±10 degrees of the actual temperature, despite its small size.
  • Able to detect temperature ranges from - 40 degrees Celsius to 1000 degrees Celsius.



By responsiveness:

  • Standard
  • High response

By ability to detect temperature:

  • ULs - Ultra Low Special
  • Ls - Low Special
  • L - Low
  • Mh - Mid high
  • H - High