DENSO 'Get Inside' Roadshow continues in The Netherlands with great success

Having first hit the road on October 20, DENSO’s 'Get Inside' Roadshow continues with three DENSO promoters visiting independent garages across The Netherlands.

From Utrecht to Maastricht, Rotterdam to Hengelo, DENSO promoters continue to visit garages, helping to generate interest and understanding of DENSO’s after market product ranges.

Mario Gundlach, Regional Manager, DENSO Aftermarket Export including Benelux, said: “We are extremely pleased with the response the "Get Inside' Roadshow has generated so far. There is an overwhelming positive reaction by garages to the visits of our promoters. The majority of garages are keen to learn more about DENSO products, with many confirming their interest and knowledge of the DENSO brand and its quality products.

The company has organised the five-week Roadshow in the Netherlands with a three-strong DENSO promotional team driving stickered DENSO-liveried Volkswagen UP cars. They plan to make an impact across the country visiting some garages independently, and others in partnership with wholesaler sales representatives from key wholesalers.

The promoters are also signing up garages to participate in the exciting, multi-brand Automotive Diamonds customer loyalty programme, of which DENSO After Market is a member.

Informative literature left with each garage will help to further share essential DENSO product knowledge, as well as boosting interest in the brand.

DENSO has set up a Facebook page where the promotional team will post photos from their Roadshow visits – from the people they meet, to the cars they see, and anything fun that happens along the way! To follow what’s happening on the Get Inside Roadshow journey, visit, or for more information call DENSO Europe After Market on +31 294 493 493.