Day 3 of DENSO’s Track 2 Track campaign was all about ‘making an entrance’

The day started with an event for automotive media and DENSO’s customers and distributors from Belarus.

Our guests gathered at the Renaissance Hotel in Minsk for a presentation in which they were introduced to the Iridium TT product and its many benefits.They heard how the unique combination of DENSO’s super ignition technology, the world’s smallest diameter centre electrode and the platinum ground electrode make for a spark plug that will last three times as long as standard nickel plugs and improve the performance and efficiency of your car at the same time.

The guests were then invited outside to meet our two Track 2 Track drivers – Rebecca Jackson and Natalia Freidina. As ladies of the utmost class, of course they decided to arrive in style.

And, by style, we mean they blasted into the hotel car park with the tail of our DENSO Ford Mustang drifting all the way. A spectacular entrance indeed.

After that, the girls completed an informal Q&A session with the assembled guests, before leaving them to hear more about DENSO and its innovative products.

The team took a well-earned rest this afternoon, before we hit the road again tomorrow, when we will leave the beautiful Mustang behind and travel to Poland, ready for our next on-track event at Poznan on Friday. There, we will pick up a specially-liveried Lotus Exige S sportscar, in which we will complete the remainder of the Track 2 Track road trip to the UK.

DENSO’s spark plug range is suitable for 90% of the cars on the roads in Europe, so we wanted to be able to show off a decent selection of cars that reflect the brand’s stunning performance.

Join us tomorrow as we prepare for our event at the Poznan race track.

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