DENSO launches unique Iridium TT Spark Plug technology with epic ‘TRACK 2 TRACK’ trip celebrating Europe’s ‘lost’ F1 heritage

Leading aftermarket car parts manufacturer, DENSO, is launching its latest cutting-edge technology – the Iridium TT spark plug – with an epic trip that celebrates Europe’s forgotten F1 heritage.

The Iridium TT is the latest in a long line of world-first technology innovations from DENSO – with the highest concentration of iridium of any product on the market, its unique technology combines the world’s smallest diameter electrode, at 0.4mm, with a needle-like 0.7mm platinum ground electrode.

Rebecca Jackson

This allows the unique plug to improve performance, efficiency and durability – the Iridium TT has a lifetime of up to 120,000km, more than three times that of standard nickel plugs.

The performance and durability of the DENSO Iridium TT will be reflected in the Track 2 Track (T2T) trip from Moscow to the UK that takes in some of the abandoned and forgotten F1 tracks of old. You can follow the progress of the T2T campaign at

DENSO’s Iridium TT spark plug and T2T campaign will be officially launched with an event at Moscow Raceway on October 26.

Two racing drivers – British Rebecca Jackson and Russian Natalia Freidina – will then take on the T2T challenge, starting and ending with a head-to-head sportscar challenge at current race tracks in Russia (Moscow), Poland (Poznan) and the UK (Brands Hatch) and rediscovering abandoned ex-F1 circuits lost to history en route.

Natalia Freidina

While the 3,000km journey will not test the Iridium TT’s lifespan, T2T will reflect DENSO’s own motorsport heritage and its continuing commitment to provide motorists across Europe with innovative performance products.

DENSO Marketing Manager, Aftermarket, Hedy Borreman, said: “DENSO has always been a pioneer in automotive aftermarket parts, particularly in the field of spark plugs, where we have been responsible for several world firsts.

This improved spark plug, which builds on super ignition technology, is no exception; the Iridium TT’s technology allows for faster, better ignition of the spark and ensures that more fuel is utilised in the combustion process. Hedy Borreman

“This all makes for better vehicle performance and efficiency, while the plug’s platinum electrode means that the product will far outlast any nickel, platinum and most iridium plugs on the market. Five years ago, spark plugs with this technology were only available on prestige new cars – now, DENSO is making quality technology available to all.”

DENSO has a rich heritage in performance vehicles and motorsport – it is a key sponsor of the Toyota World Endurance Championship team and has been present in every major form of motorsport over the years, from Formula 1 to the World Rally Championship. Now, its T2T campaign will rediscover some of the lost F1 tracks of Europe, visiting Masaryk in the Czech Republic, Osterreichring in Austria and the long-disused parts of the original Spa-Francorchamps.

To find out more information about DENSO and the T2T campaign, or to follow the campaign’s progress across the continent, please visit

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