DENSO Track2Track - Day 2

Our first day on the road has seen us rack up our first serious miles of the DENSO Track 2 Track campaign.

We left Moscow just before 9am this morning after yesterday’s successful first press and distributor event. Some 750km later, we rolled into our hotel stop in Minsk just after 9pm after an epic journey across the epic, flat landscape of Russia and Belarus.

Both of our Track 2 Track drivers – Rebecca Jackson and Natalia Freidina – have put in some major time behind the wheel of our DENSO Ford Mustang and have earned a rest overnight.

The majority of today was, obviously, spent on the road with the Track 2 Track crew having to keep themselves entertained for long periods of time. Many, many games of ‘I spy’ have been played…

Highlight of the day was our stop in Smolensk, when the team dropped in at one of DENSO’s loyal Russian workshop customers to deliver a goody bag full of the exciting new Iridium TT product. Needless to say, as one of the very first customers to get the Iridium TT in his hot little hands, the workshop owner was delighted that we’d visited. It was a flying visit, though, as we still had many kilometres to go.

Our lunch stop also provided some amusement – an almost deserted karaoke and pool bar, featuring lots of strange little rooms in which to eat. Thankfully, the food was good and fuelled the crew for the rest of the day’s driving.

Tomorrow we’re back to the serious business of promoting the launch of the DENSO Iridium TT spark plug, with another press event, in which we’ll be explaining the benefits of the product to media from Belarus. After that, it’s onwards to Poland!

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