DENSO Track2Track - Day 4

Today was the only ‘down day’ the DENSO Track 2 Track crew will likely get in the 10 days of the campaign and even that involved a good deal of travelling (and some fun with our luggage).

This morning, we travelled from Minsk in Belarus to Poznan in Poland, where we will tomorrow host the second of our big track events of the campaign for media and distributors / customers.

We left behind our lovely DENSO Ford Mustang – for the rest of the Track 2 Track road trip, we’ll be piloting a specially-liveried Lotus Exige S. The DENSO spark plug range caters for 90% of the cars on Europe’s roads so it seemed foolish to stick to just the one car.

The Lotus will be the perfect travelling companion for the rest of our trip, being a brilliant balance of style and performance. We’ll get to try it out for the first time at tomorrow’s on-track event at the Poznan circuit, where we are expecting guests to arrive from all over Eastern Europe, including Poland, Romania and Hungary.

It promises to be a very busy and exciting day – we’ll be treating our guests to an on-track experience that involves some sportscar driving and a high-octane passenger ride in a Subaru rally car.

Of course, we’ll also be telling them all about DENSO’s innovative new Iridium TT spark plug and its many benefits to the performance they’ve been experiencing on track. And our two Track 2 Track ambassadors, racing drivers Rebecca Jackson and Natalia Freidina, will be on hand to offer some driving tips and go head to head in the Time Attack Challenge. Natalia won the last round in Moscow, but then it was her home turf… so we’ll see who triumphs on neutral ground.

The track has been all spruced up with our DENSO colours and we’re ready to make some noise…!

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