DENSO Track2Track - Day 6

We arrived at Masaryk late last night so thought we’d create some spooky Halloween style photos at a part of the old race circuit which is now a public road; the Farina Turn.

We’re now over half way through our Track2Track road trip; so far we’ve visited 4 race tracks, 5 countries, have driven over 1000km and our racing drivers; Natalia and Rebecca have become the best of friends.

The original Masaryk Circuit, in the Czech city of Brno, was a whopping 19 miles long and named after the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Masaryk. It was home to some thrilling F1 races in the sport’s hey days of the 1930s, but Formula One stopped racing there in 1949. It was eerie to be there at night time especially on Halloween.

After the late night on Saturday we were up early this morning and back in the Lotus to take the drive from the Czech Republic to Austria where our next historic F1 circuited awaited.

We arrived at the Osterreichring mid-morning and it was a glorious sunny day. Nowadays the site is called the Red Bull Ring and before that the A1ring, but we knew exactly where we needed to head to in order to rediscover a part of the old Osterreichring.

We were keen to visit the legendary Hella Licht chicane where some of the greatest names in motorsport have raced through. This part of the old circuit is so remote that we could only access it by foot. It was worth the trek to see such a famous piece of motorsport history.

Tonight, we’re back on the road on our way to Frankfurt. We’re putting some serious miles on the Lotus Exige and having great fun testing the durability of the Iridium TT spark plugs!

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