DENSO Track2Track - Day 8

One day, three countries. We started the day in Frankfurt and headed through the fog to Belgium to visit one of the most legendary circuits in Formula One history; Spa-Francorchamps.

With fog clearing and blue skies emerging, Rebecca and Natalia were able to soak up Spa’s infamous Masta Kink in all of its fearsome glory. The Masta Kink was renowned for being one of the most menacing sections on any race track in the world, with drivers negotiating the corner at speed in excess of 190mph.

The Masta Kink saw its last piece of Formula One action in 1970 following a campaign from Jackie Stewart to improve safety in motor racing. This was set in motion by his 1966 crash at Masta which saw him end up upside-down in the cellar of the farmhouse on the outside of the corner.

From Spa we headed to the Netherlands for a visit to Denso’s European headquarters in Weesp. Natalia and Rebecca arrived in the Lotus Exige just-in-time to catch the staff at the end of their working day and were able show staff around the Lotus and tell tales of their epic Track2Track adventure made possible by their hard work developing the new Iridium TT spark plug.

Having checked in at HQ, it was homeward-bound for our trusty Lotus Exige as we headed to the ferry port with UK shores firmly in our sights. After racking up the miles across Russia, Belarus, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands it’s almost time for the Brands Hatch finale – stay tuned!

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