DENSO is the key component for Hydrogen Week

As the UK marks Hydrogen Week with a series of industry events, DENSO’s work behind the scenes has helped bring important new hydrogen-powered FCVs to the market

DENSO will put in a strong presence during this year’s Hydrogen Week in the UK as its specialised FCV components take centre stage under the bonnet of the new Toyota Mirai.

The Mirai will be on display at the Hydrogen London Transport Fair on March 16 for industry decision makers to experience the latest hydrogen-powered technology.

DENSO components cover several of the car’s key functions, notably the EV control system, heat control system, air supply system and hydrogen system.

Individual components include the temperature and pressure sensors, the hydrogen fuelling control unit and the infrared ray transmitter which communicates with the hydrogen station.

DENSO Hydrogen Components

DENSO’s FCV components are tailored to the larger hydrogen infrastructure of the future, for example the infrared transmitter which enables hydrogen stations to precisely control refuelling pressure and keep refuelling time to approximately three minutes, in line with fuelling a conventional combustion engine.

The global market for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is predicted to be worth £99bn* by 2022 and DENSO works alongside manufacturers to meet the demand for innovative, high quality components that will facilitate the growth of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Nick Thomas, Product Manager at DENSO Sales UK commented: “We are committed to supporting OEMs in the necessary shift to alternative fuels and the number of DENSO parts in the Mirai, one of the first mass-market hydrogen FCV, is a testimony to this.

“Several of the Mirai’s key functions are powered by DENSO parts, reflecting the breadth of understanding within the business about the requirements for hydrogen vehicles and its capacity to make these accessible.

“DENSO has proven to be ahead of the curve not only by producing the technology but producing it to enable the introduction of a mass-market vehicle which emits only water, helping to provide a viable solution for achieving environmental targets without sacrificing enjoyable and practical motoring.”

Hydrogen City

National Hydrogen Week runs from March 11 – 18 and the Hydrogen London Transport Fair is part of a series of events raising awareness of hydrogen-powered transport.

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