DENSO steers safely towards autonomous driving with new fail-safe EPS

As the roads prepare for the first generation of fully autonomous vehicles, DENSO has reinvented EPS with an all-new dual-design system

DENSO has established a new benchmark for safety with its redesign of the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system, paving the road towards autonomous driving.

The new fail-safe EPS system has been designed from the ground up, featuring a back-up system which operates continuously in the event of failure to ensure that the driver retains control of the vehicle.


As vehicles increasingly offer standard autonomy features such as parking assistance in the driv towards fully autonomous vehicles, the system will ensure that all types of vehicle remain safe in the event of a steering fault.

DENSO’s engineers started from scratch, doubling every component, but in spite of its dual function the unit is 30% smaller and 20% lighter than a conventional EPS system which brings further benefits; it requires less space under the bonnet and supports greater efficiency due to its lightness.


Masashi Yamasaki, EPS Development Engineer at DENSO commented: “With the new fail-safe EPS, DENSO has demonstrated not only a commitment to safety but also to efficiency and quality.

“By rethinking the traditional EPS system with a compact dual design, DENSO’s engineers have created a key piece of preventative technology which reduces the risk of power steering failure while setting new standards in lightness and efficient design.”

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