Reflecting on DENSO’s 75th anniversary, the Aftermarket team unveils its vision of the future

As DENSO celebrates its first 75 years, the Aftermarket division’s senior management team, provides some insight of its ongoing strategy, and its vision of the future
Richard rybacek small

The first member of the team in the hotseat was Senior Manager, IAM Sales, Richard Rybacek.

  • What is the focus of the DENSO Aftermarket sales strategy?
    Our customers remain our primary concern and how we can help them face the challenges of a changing market. Naturally, giving them greater access to premium quality replacement products is paramount, and part of this objective is to develop a more sustainable supply chain and increase the lifecycle of these parts. In addition, we will further strengthen these relationships by opening new digital communication channels to better serve workshops and end users, which increases knowledge and reduces installation related issues.”
  • What is the state of aftermarket?
    The EU aftermarket is strong, resilient and ever evolving and, with an ageing car parc, it’s growing. It is however, a hugely competitive market and with the current shift fuelled by electrification, ADAS, and other technological developments, such as increased software repairs and over-the-air updates, we are paying attention at the impact this will have on our partners and are planning strategic ways to support them on this journey.”
191023 RT Portret Bosman 28

Next up was Director, Deputy Head EU Aftermarket & Industrial Solutions, Thomas Bosman.

  • What are the most exciting innovations that DENSO has in the pipeline?
    “Our mission is to contribute to a better world. We want to help power society’s shift to green, safe and worry-free mobility.
    “Carbon neutral technology like hydrogen related technologies, will have a tremendously positive impact on the world and the well-being of its people, but also urban air mobility, a project that has the potential to change the dynamics of personal transportation.
    “Focusing on our own department, we are working on exciting non-automotive projects, such as the Last Mile Cold Chain (Temperature controlled food and pharma urban deliveries)
    “In addition, in his first European public appearance as DENSO President and COO of DENSO, Shinnosuke Hayashi revealed during the IAA Mobility show in September, that the business plans to invest €63 billion (¥10 trillion) in research and development over the next 10 years in line with its pursuit of zero emissions and zero traffic fatalities within mobility and society.”
  • What areas does the DENSO Aftermarket & Industrial Solution strategy focus on?
    In line with the DENSO Global strategy to achieve carbon neutrality, sustainability is the dominant theme, so our Reman & Repair activities are a particularly important part of this objective, so we are constantly challenging ourselves to further expand our capabilities and help our partners to do the same.”
Masayuki Yamada

Finally, we spoke with Executive Coordinator, EU Aftermarket & Industrial Solutions, Masayuki Yamada.

  • From a product perspective, what can you tell us about DENSO’s aftermarket future?
    Since its foundation, the DENSO Group has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of safe, high quality products that will satisfy the needs of customers and earn their trust, which is why DENSO Aftermarket has always been synonymous with premium quality components. Naturally, this policy will continue, whether we deliver products with a DENSO label or, more recently, with a PowerEdge label. Irrespective of the brand, all of our products have to conform with strict standards that ensure that, whatever the part, it is of the highest quality, regardless of the colour of the box.”
  • Are there any new products or services in the pipeline?
    We are continuously expanding our aftermarket programme, with new-to-range additions being added monthly, but with the launch of the PowerEdge brand, we have been able to extend our reach and provide a solution for customers looking for a value driven range that still provides quality assurance. In addition, as well as the sales and marketing support we provide for our direct customers, we will continue to support those responsible for installing our products with technical information and training, to offer a holistic approach to both sectors of the market. Naturally, this objective is constant, so we are always working on ways that will bring us closer to the market in order for us to deliver added value across the sector.”