Iridium Power Spark Plugs

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For the smallest centre electrode diameter, increasing power and performance.

Features and Benefits

Improved Output - More power with an optimal combustion cycle

  • Vastly improved combustion: Iridium Power has a low required voltage and a high ignitability, resulting in less misfiring and always a spark which dramatically improves combustion
  • Better engine output: The significantly improved combustion enables engine output to increase
  • Measurable results: Motorcycle engine bench tests on Iridium Power show a 0.5ps (1.4%) improvement in output at 110km/h compared to normal plugs

Improved Power - Increased output under various driving conditions

  • Unique power: The power produced by the 0.4mm electrode is unmatched by any other plugs
  • Beats other high performance plugs: Using a 0.4mm dia. fine centre electrode there is more power than with 0.8mm and 2.5mm plugs


Improved Acceleration - Increased response and acceleration performance

  • High ignitability: The world’s only 0.4mm dia. Iridium centre electrode and specially shaped ground electrodes give high ignitability and low required voltages
  • Better firing: Electrode fires better under high required voltage conditions, and gives fewer misfires when under conditions where ignition is difficult
  • Improved acceleration: Acceleration is superior to normal plugs

Improved Fuel Consumption - Improved ignition, less fuel consumption, less noise

  • Better engine performance: The excellent ignitability of Iridium Power’s unique 0.4mm fine electrode draws out much more performance from the engine
  • Improved fuel consumption: Comparing a normal plug (W20FS-U) with an Iridium Power (IWF22) on a 2 cycle 50cc engine, tests show fuel consumption improves by around 5%


> Great acceleration and torque compared to regular plugs
> Superb fuel consumption for daily journeys
> Powerful performance
> The next level of response