Flat Blades PNs difference

Retrofit upgrades

DENSO’s Retrofit Flat Blade range offers customers an upgrade to their Standard Wiper Blades, fitting a wide range of mainly left-hand drive vehicles.

Retrofit Flat Blades have superior and quieter wiping performance compared to conventional wiper blades.

DENSO’s Retrofit Flat Blades cover over 225 key applications including:

Flat Blades Pns Difference

Butterfly System:

For vehicles equipped with a Butterfly System, the RHD blade is fitted on the passenger side wiper arm of a LHD vehicle. This way the spoiler function of the Flat Blade is maintained.

Flat Blades Pns Difference 2

Sometimes there is some misunderstanding about the applications of our Retrofit Flat Blades, regarding the fitment. The overview below explains in detail the application criteria:

Flat Blades Pns Difference 3