DENSO Wiper Blades delivering autumn sales

The challenges for motorists as autumnal weather approaches open up opportunities for workshops to boost sales by offering high quality wiper blades

Hybrid Wiper Blades Product & Packaging

With summer drawing to a close, autumnal weather poses challenges for many road users, especially if their wiper blades are in poor condition.

Inadequate wiper blades can be dangerous to drivers on the road if they reduce their safe field of vision. As one of the leading OEM and aftermarket manufacturers of Wiper Blades, DENSO can offer workshops high quality products that will help them deliver excellent customer satisfaction and boost sales.

When checking the condition of blades there are tell-tale signs which indicate they need replacing:

  • Streaking: Narrow streaking on the windshield is caused by dirt or the wearing down of the blade edge and if this persists after cleaning, the blade should be replaced immediately.
  • Stuttering: A wiper blade stuttering across the screen or making an audible noise is another sign of blade degradation. If the problem persists after cleaning, the wiper blade should be replaced immediately.
  • Dirt: If wiper blades leave dirt on the windshield, then it is likely the rubber attached to the wiper has degraded and will need immediate replacement with a new blade.
  • Poor Surface-Hold: A wiper blade unevenly touching the windscreen whilst wiping means the blade arm is likely to be bent or out of shape and means immediate replacement is needed.

Choosing a quality replacement part is an excellent way to maximise sales whilst gaining a reputation for great customer service. As a vital piece of safety kit, the benefits of using more advanced Wiper Blades can potentially be a life-saver.

DENSO’s flagship Hybrid Blades feature advanced technologies to produce high performing, aesthetic and unobtrusive wiper blades for drivers. Using a rigid graphite coated rubber blade helps deliver a smooth, non-streak clean, whilst its advanced vertebrae supports superior surface-holding capabilities, ensuring a smooth wiper motion.

Ruslan Leontiev, Product Leader, Wiper Blades, at DENSO Aftermarket Europe, commented: “The autumn months can be very tricky for drivers, with unpredictable weather causing havoc on sensitive, easily-worn equipment. High quality replacement wiper blades provide an excellent opportunity for workshops to promote better safety for their customers, and increase their sales in the process.”

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