DENSO to launch joint research on multithreaded CPU cores with Imagination Technologies

The collaboration will enhance the research and development of processors for future in-vehicle electronic systems

KARIYA (Japan) ― DENSO Corporation has announced that it will be working on a joint-research project with Imagination Technologies Group, a specialist semiconductor technology company based in the UK, as a way to support the development of in-vehicle technology and automated driving systems.

The two companies will be joining resources to research hardware multithreading that can enable a processor (CPU) to execute multiple processes concurrently; providing an advantage for next-generation in-vehicle electronic systems.

DENSO has been focusing on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving technologies to help prevent traffic accidents, and the joint-research should provide a boon to future developments of automated safety technology.

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As a result of ADAS and similar technologies, many in-vehicle components and functions have been computerised to integrate control, and many electronic control units (ECUs) have been built into vehicles. This means large-scale integrated circuits (LSIs), a type of semiconductor, must incorporate two or more processors and so the performance required of CPUs has become increasingly complex.

Imagination Technologies develops and licenses intellectual property for semiconductor system-on-a-chip* devices (SoC IP cores), and has world-class multithreading technologies that are integrated into its Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages (MIPS) CPUs.

The joint research between DENSO and Imagination Technologies should ultimately help to implement multithreading more efficiently for interconnections, particularly between ECUs, which will support current and future development of advanced vehicle technologies and automated driving systems.

* A design technique for integrated circuits to integrate necessary functions on semiconductor chips

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