DENSO introduces its High Voltage ISG

Generating electricity through engine power, DENSO's proprietary coil winding technology is increasing efficiency and improving fuel economy
High voltage ISG

IMPORTANT NOTE: While DENSO Aftermarket is proud to share technical knowledge and experience, please note that the technology mentioned in this article is original equipment (OE) technology and is not yet available in its aftermarket range.

Since vehicle manufacturers (VMs) have adopted start/stop technology for the internal combustion engines used in their model ranges, integrated starter generators (ISGs) have been developed to replace the traditional starter/alternator combination used in conventional applications, with a robust and reliable solution able to withstand the high number of starts these engines now undertake.

As a leading OE component manufacturer and system supplier to VMs around the world, DENSO has been a pioneer of these solutions and with its High Voltage ISG has raised the bar further to produce a water-cooled version that not only starts the engine and generates the electricity to charge the battery and supply the vehicle’s electrical systems, but also assists the engine.

Currently adopted by BMW, Mini, Renault and Suzuki, dependent on the application, DENSO’s High Voltage ISG is driven either by the belt in the engine’s front-end auxiliary system, or through a splined shaft directly into the gearbox, and produces a high voltage, three-phase alternating current electrical output. It also utilises a SC (segment conductor) coil, which minimises its physical dimensions, while maximising efficiency, to result in a high output unit of an extremely compact size.

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