DENSO Lambda Sensors: the big aftermarket growth opportunity

DENSO Lambda Sensors are used by most car manufacturers on each continent, satisfying their needs and meeting the toughest quality standards. This engineering experience is directly transferred to the aftermarket, benefitting customers that demand greater reliability and performance whilst offering them considerable profit potential.

In line with its commitment to market leadership through quality and reliability, DENSO is continually expanding its Lambda Sensor range to replace both original DENSO OE products, as well as offering the best alternatives for sensors that have been produced by other manufacturers.

As a complete Engine Management System (EMS) development partner for OE customers, DENSO is deeply involved in optimising engines to the highest standards in terms of engine performance, reliability and emissions, even before they become available on the market. Its engineers are constantly working on next generation designs, ensuring that the cars that will be driven on roads many years from now will perform exactly as intended.

Meeting emission standards

With ever stricter demands, the need for tight engine control tolerances increases. For this reason, the functions that oxygen sensors fulfil increase from regulating the mixture control in classic cases, to more additional functions that address emission controls. DENSO is utilising similar ceramic technology-based sensors for sensing oxygen concentration all along the combustion processes. This is evident when comparing the latest car models with previous generations: the number of oxygen sensors is increasing from a single simple sensor - as was the standard in vehicles manufactured in the 1990s - to over three sensors of a more complex nature on a comparable modern 4-cylinder engine. This trend will continue in the future, enabling further direct sales potential for the aftermarket.

First choice for efficiency

The current range includes a wide variety of technologies to offer a replacement part for each sensor, specific to the function it fulfils within the EMS of the vehicle. Since developing the range, DENSO Aftermarket has been continuously increasing its efforts to create a range that is first choice for garages, helping them to install the correct sensors effectively and efficiently.

Start benefitting today

The latest range extension was recently launched in October 2015. The products have been received extremely positively by the market, creating immediate orders, and more importantly, repeating orders very quickly.

Customers have indicated that these type of products are key for their businesses and this has encouraged DENSO aftermarket to further increase its efforts to bring new, highly attractive products to the market.

DENSO is the ideal partner for those who want to seize the growth opportunities offered by lambda sensors and now is the time for all aftermarket customers to take advantage of one of the fastest product lines available today.

Find out more

Details of DENSO’s Lambda Sensors programme are available online in the Engine Management Systems section of our website, on TecDoc or from DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit Aftermarket on +31 (0) 294 493 493.