Lambda Sensors update ensures workshops breathe easy

Since first developing its OE range of Lambda Sensors in 1977, DENSO has been relentlessly increasing its efforts to create an offering that is first choice for customers, as well as delivering the highest standards in terms of engine performance, reliability and emissions. Now, every new car, and most cars manufactured since 1980, has a lambda sensor fitted. Vehicles with lambda sensors now account for more than 68% of the European car parc - a proportion set to increase even further in coming years.

To address this demand and continue its substantial growth in 2016, DENSO has introduced new Lambda Sensor part numbers for its aftermarket programme as it continues its substantial growth in 2016.

The second range update of the year, following a number of additions earlier in May, will introduce 6 new part numbers to further strengthen the leading EMS aftermarket range, corresponding to 34 OE part numbers.

Lambda Sensor Package

The update will further strengthen the catalogue’s European car parc, supporting 50 more vehicle applications from major vehicle manufacturers Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen and increased the total European car parc by approximately 3 million vehicles.

Stefan Verhoef, Product Manager Lambda Sensors at DENSO Aftermarket EU, commented: “The expansion affirms DENSO’s position at the very head of the market. Our range is continuously updated to provide a product catalogue that is truly leading edge in terms of both technology and vehicle coverage.

“This approach continues to reap the rewards, offering workshops and distributors the most advanced catalogue of the highest quality Lambda Sensors on the market, which ultimately ensures workshop customers receive the best parts for their vehicles.”

This latest update brings DENSO’s Lambda Sensors catalogue to 445 part numbers for 5,783 applications. The range, which represents more than 68% of the European car parc, delivers a breadth of coverage which workshops and distributors can be confident in. A comprehensive programme, workshops and distributors will be assured they can deliver the highest quality products for their customer’s every need, and maximise any business opportunities.

The continually expanding range also covers 1,988 OE references, 286 of which are unique to DENSO and are not offered by any other major brands.

DENSO lambda sensors are used as OE equipment by most car manufacturers on each continent. This unique experience is delivered directly to the aftermarket, benefitting workshops that want to provide leading technology that meets the toughest quality standards, whilst still offering considerable profit potential.

DENSO has become one of the leading lambda sensor suppliers in the world, and as the automotive industry continues to improve its emission standards, DENSO’s engineering advances ensure that lambda sensors offer the most progressive technologies to help cars burn fuel more efficiency and product fewer emissions.

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A DENSO After Market Lambda Sensors 2016/17 printed catalogue, product leaflet and informative wall poster - including a product cutaway and trouble-shooting photo guide – are available to customers and workshops on request. Details of the continually expanding programme are also available online at, on TecDoc or by contacting DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit After Market on +31 (0) 294 493 493.

Details of DENSO’s latest Lambda Sensors programme are available on Lambda Sensor page, on TecDoc or from your local sales representative.