Rotating programme charges forward

DENSO’s OE-quality Rotating parts programme will introduce 24 new part numbers in September and October. The range extension boasts the introduction of many Stop-Start System applications, including the aftermarket’s first Tandem Solenoid (TS) Stop-Start Starter, as the aftermarket giant continues to lead the way in aftermarket technology, quality and vehicle coverage.

DENSO’s introduction of the aftermarket’s first TS Stop-Start Starter, alongside a host of new Stop-Start applications, signals a landmark moment in aftermarket technology.

The new TS starter uses a patented co-axial dual solenoid design for the magnetic switch, to allow for independent control of the starter’s pinion gear shifting mechanism and motor rotation. This design enables the engine to restart while it is still rotating to reduce restart times by 1.5 seconds compared to conventional stop-start starters, providing the perfect high-quality solution for automatic vehicles.

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The extension, which comprises of 11 alternators and 13 starters, covers a total of 220 vehicle applications and 90 OE part numbers. DENSO has further bolstered its catalogue of advanced system components, by placing a focus on Stop-Start Systems, releasing an additional 4 alternators and 4 starters with Stop-Start System applications.

The additions will reinforce DENSO’s extensive car parc including Toyota, Land Rover and Fiat, creating additional opportunities for workshops and installers to offer and use the high level, OE-quality products which drivers expect.

Ruslan Leontiev, Product Manager Rotating parts, DENSO Aftermarket EUcommented, “The extension is a shining example of DENSO’s continuing commitment to leading the aftermarket in technological innovation, quality and application coverage.

“By introducing new part numbers and brand-new Tandem-Solenoid stop-start technology to the aftermarket, workshops and distributors will be able to keep pace with a rapidly evolving industry and continue to provide the highest quality products for every customer’s needs.

The expansion will take DENSO’s leading range to the forefront of the industry and will bring to market a leading breadth of use for customers. Now featuring 249 Alternator and 104 Starter part numbers, the Rotating range covers 4143 passenger and LCV applications to provide workshops and distributors with confidence in part coverage.

True pioneers of leading Starter and Alternator technology, DENSO has become the world’s largest OE rotating machine manufacturer, with more than a 30 percent market share. DENSO takes its OE expertise directly to the aftermarket, and the latest expansion has reinforced a burgeoning Rotating parts programme that features the most advanced technology and highest quality, and is made available for aftermarket customers.

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A DENSO After Market Rotating parts 2016/17 printed catalogue, product leaflet and informative wall poster - including a product cutaway and trouble-shooting photo guide – are available to customers and workshops on request. Details of the continually expanding programme are also available online at, on TecDoc or by contacting DENSO Europe B.V.’s Business Unit After Market on +31 (0) 294 493 493.