Receiver driers

Receiver driers ensure only liquid refrigerant moves into the evaporator, ensuring the A/C system operates efficiently.

Receiver driers

How receiver driers work

To ensure an A/C system cools air efficiently, the right amount of refrigerant needs to be put under the right conditions, before it is delivered to the evaporator. The receiver drier plays a key part in this by storing the liquid refrigerant safely until the evaporator needs it. It does this by separating the liquid and gaseous refrigerant to make sure only liquid enters the evaporator, to guarantee maximum cooling performance.

To ensure optimal efficiency, DENSO receiver driers also filter and dry the refrigerant to make sure it is in the ideal condition.

Features and benefits

  • Ensures efficient A/C operation.
  • Filters contaminants and absorbs moisture.
  • Maintains optimum conditions.
  • Engineered for high reliability.
Precision engineered
We’ve developed and manufactured our receiver driers using our many years of expertise and knowledge to ensure they help the rest of the A/C system perform efficiently.
Efficient operation
DENSO receiver driers ensure refrigerant is in an optimum condition to be put under high temperature and pressure.
Reliable performance
Each of our A/C components is put under rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the high pressures and temperatures of regular operation.

Types and characteristics

For the efficient, reliable and quieter operation of the A/C system, it is essential to select the right type of receiver drier or accumulator.

Receiver driers types

Receiver drier

The receiver drier is located between the condenser and evaporator (HP side) and separates gas from liquid to ensure only liquid refrigerant is supplied to the evaporator.


The accumulator is located between the evaporator and compressor (LP side) and separates liquid from gas to ensure only gaseous refrigerant is supplied to the compressor.


To ensure that the vehicle cabin is always comfortable and temperate, receiver driers need to work efficiently as part of the whole A/C system.

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Fault finding

When any motorist notices a difference in cooling performance, they should have their A/C system checked by a professional. Regular maintenance of the A/C system will reduce the risk of costly repairs and ensure trouble-free operation.